You won’t like this one

We NEED to stop procrastinating !!! I say this as I write a blog while I should be working on the two projects i have to finish by the end of this week but just hear me out. Imagine a world where you have all your work finished on time, no work to be done for the next period , a world where you start your projects on the first day you get them (instead of the night before or on the morning its due) That could be your reality!! There’s just one thing in the way. Try for just a week to leave that show, book, anime- whatever consumes your time, try to leave it until after you’re done your homework. Maybe you could even try to study ! I know it sounds like the boring way to do things but honestly tell me you aren’t disappointed in yourself when you’re one of the people who put no effort in. I’ve been here multiple times and it honestly and truly sucks. So let’s pull our socks up and just try to put in effort.

stock study


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